Climate literacy and discourses of climate change

Climate literacy and discourses of climate change

Ongoing climate change research presents us with arguments of an increasingly urgent need to change our way of living. The focus is global warming of the atmosphere, caused by human activity through greenhouse gas emissions. The reports from the UN Climate Panel, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, points to the current decade as crucial (IPCC, 2018). Many strategies for scientific communication (in both policy and education) still focus on essentially conveying facts more clearly. This is despite the fact that research on science communication in the last 20 years clearly shows how this type of communication is limited to achieve real change and commitment (Hasslöf & Malmberg, 2014; House of Lords, 2000; van der Linden, 2014; Wibeck, 2014). However, lately new grassroots movements, built on the demand of a radical transformation of society in relation to climate change, are gaining engagement on a global level. There is a need to study how climate change communication and transformation takes shape in various practices and groups in relation to scientific arguments and truth claims, values and identity.

Research Projects

Reclaim the Climate!

This project aims to study what characterizes communication that has significance for transformative change (discursive practices of change in depth), and to highlight which value positions for a sustainable climate that might legalize certain actions. This is particularly interesting to examine during a period when scientific facts about climate change and various environmental requirements are […]

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