Reclaim the Climate!

This project aims to study what characterizes communication that has significance for transformative change (discursive practices of change in depth), and to highlight which value positions for a sustainable climate that might legalize certain actions. This is particularly interesting to examine during a period when scientific facts about climate change and various environmental requirements are being questioned.

In the formal school context, this project aims to examine discourses of transformative education in relation to the urgency of radical transition. Is the school practice “business as usual” or part of the radical transformation? By extension, this aims to make visible knowledge that can be of significance for a more radical and transformative environmental communication.

Main research questions:

-Which discourses of climate change communication emerges in networks of grassroots movements and in formal teaching, to promote a radical transformation of the society?

-Which subject positions emerge as necessary for a radical transition?

-Which myths/narratives enable radical actions for the climate?