Eva Davidsson

  • Associate Professor
  • eva.davidsson@mau.se

Educational sciences and science education

LIT Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Eva Davidsson.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Exploring content in supervision training courses : A… paper-conference 2022
In search for shared content and design in… article-journal 2021
Lärares kontextualisering av ämnesinnehåll : Hybrida kontexter i… article-journal 2021
Teachers’ way of contextualising the science content in… article-journal 2021
Early Alert : en studie om förstaårsstudenters bristande… paper-conference 2019
Early Alert, höstterminen 2018 : En rapport om… report 2019
Is there a shared content and structure in… paper-conference 2019
Vetenskapskommunikation och skolutveckling som en del av den… chapter 2019
Hur och på vilket sätt kopplar lärare samman… paper-conference 2018
Teachers’ Reflections on Science Instruction as a Language… paper-conference 2018
Teachers’ use of hybrid contexts as a means… paper-conference 2017
Teachers’ Use of Hybrid Contexts as Means for… speech 2016
Approaching classroom dialogues – Using spy glasses for… paper-conference 2015
Relating trends in large-scale science studies to how… paper-conference 2015
Exploring Epistemological Trends in Students’ Understanding of Science… article-journal 2013
Trender och likvärdighet : Svenska elevers resultat på… article-journal 2013
Introduction chapter 2012
Understanding interactions at science centers and museums :… book 2012
Using sociocultural frameworks to understand the significance of… chapter 2012
Enhancing Visitors’ Interest in Science – A Possibility… article-journal 2009
Staff members’ ideas about visitors’ learning at science… article-journal 2009
Different images of science - a study of… thesis 2008
Economic Interests and Science Exhibitions : A Study… manuscript 2008
Different Images of Science at Nordic Science Centres article-journal 2007
Klimat-X Experiments on Energy and Climate paper-conference 2003