Helen Hasslöf

  • Senior Lecturer
  • helen.hasslof@mau.se

PhD in Science Education

LIT Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Helen Hasslöf.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Adressing complexity in Science|Environment|Health pedagogy paper-conference 2019
In-Between Chapter: The Political in Science Education in… chapter 2018
Relations and responsibility in pre-service science teachers' talk… paper-conference 2017
Responsible Research and Innovation in Science Education :… article-journal 2017
Science and technological innovations as drivers for educational… paper-conference 2017
Students' qualification in environmental and sustainability education-epistemic gaps… article-journal 2016
Teachers as agents for social change? Myths and… paper-conference 2016
Critical thinking as room for subjectification in Education… article-journal 2015
Mind the gap! Moving from awareness to action… paper-conference 2015
Teachers as agents for social change? Subject positions… manuscript 2015
The educational challenge in "education for sustainable development"… thesis 2015
The role of education in transition towards a… paper-conference 2015
Discussing sustainable development among teachers : an analysis… article-journal 2014
Qualified to Question? : Discussing Education for sustainable… paper-conference 2014
Discussing Education for Sustainable Development among Teachers :… paper-conference 2013
Lärcirklar i Öresundsklassrummet. article-journal 2013
Discussing Education for Sustainable Development among Teachers :… paper-conference 2012
Thoughts & Reflections about Research Perspectives and Practical… paper-conference 2012
Education for sustainable production and consumption and sustainable… article-journal 2010
SUBJECT MEETS SUBJECT IN ESD paper-conference 2010
SubjectMeets Subject in ESD paper-conference 2010
Education for Sustainable Development: Subject meets Subject :… paper-conference 2009
Tankar om hållbar utveckling och lärande report 2009
1700-talet chapter 2006
Klassens alla uterum chapter 2006