Ulrika Ryan

  • Senior Lecturer
  • ulrika.ryan@mau.se

PhD in Mathematics Education. My research aims at moving beyond ideas on students´ first language as a resource for learning and knowing formal mathematics in the language of instruction and rather explore epistemological dimensions, which emerge when students reason in linguistically and culturally diverse mathematics classrooms. In addition, I take interest in issues on mathematics teaching and learning and technology use.

LIT Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Ulrika Ryan.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Discourses in Colombian and Swedish syllabuses : is… article-journal 2023
Activism and mathematics activities for social justice in… paper-conference 2022
"Förklara hur du tänkte!" : Matematisk litteracitet och… chapter 2022
Multilingual students' talk about their work to relocate… paper-conference 2022
Solidarity acts in the context of language diversity… article-journal 2022
Språk, Kultur och matematik article-journal 2022
Storylines in public news media about mathematics education… article-journal 2022
Study guidance in Arabic in mathematics – tutor… paper-conference 2022
’Vi’ och ’dom’ – Sociopolitiska dimensionerav matematikutbildning där… chapter 2022
Unpacking “Language as resource”– the case of mathematicseducation… paper-conference 2021
The ethical significance of exemplifying : A response… paper-conference 2021
“Mathematics is bad for society” : Reasoning about… chapter 2021
'Language-as-resource’ in multilingual mathematics activities : an epistemological… article-journal 2021
Involving students’ perspectives in multilingual mathematics learning spaces paper-conference 2021
From the Present Towards Hope for the Future chapter 2021
A joke on precision? Revisiting “precision” in the… article-journal 2020
Epistemological aspects of multilingualism in mathematics education :… article-journal 2019
Mathematical preciseness and epistemological sanctions article-journal 2019
Mathematics classroom talk in a migrating world :… thesis 2019
From “How Good I Am!” to “Forgive Me…Please… paper-conference 2018
Del 2. Orkestrering av matematikundervisning med stöd av… book 2015
Del 3. Dynamisk representation med digitala verktyg book 2015
Del 6. Undersöka och upptäcka matematik med IKT book 2015
Del 7. Matematikundervisning med utgångspunkt i elevernas digitala… book 2015
Kommunikation i statistikklassrummet book 2014