Petra Svensson Källberg

  • Senior Lecturer

PhD in mathematics education and senior lecturer at the department of Natural Science, Mathematics and Society at the faculty of Education and Society. In 2018 she received her doctoral degree at Stockholm University with the thesis Immigrant students’ opportunities to learn mathematics – in (ex)clusion in mathematics education. Her research mainly concerns multilingual students´ opportunities to learn mathematics and departs from a perspective on multilingualism as a resource.

LIT Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Petra Svensson Källberg.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Epistemic authority and hybrid integration in the view… chapter 2023
Spaces for multilingualism? : Multilingual approaches and activities… paper-conference 2023
Spaces for multilingualism? : Multilingual approaches and activities… paper-conference 2023
Försök till transspråkande undervisning : tre typpraktiker article-journal 2023
"Förklara hur du tänkte!" : Matematisk litteracitet och… chapter 2022
Multilingual students' talk about their work to relocate… paper-conference 2022
Onto/Epistemic Violence and Dialogicality in Translanguaging Practices Across… article-journal 2022
Språk, Kultur och matematik article-journal 2022
Study guidance in Arabic in mathematics – tutor… paper-conference 2022
’Vi’ och ’dom’ – Sociopolitiska dimensionerav matematikutbildning där… chapter 2022
Unpacking “Language as resource”– the case of mathematicseducation… paper-conference 2021
Involving students’ perspectives in multilingual mathematics learning spaces paper-conference 2021
'Language-as-resource’ in multilingual mathematics activities : an epistemological… article-journal 2021
Language use in superdiverse schools – Discrepancies between… speech 2021
Fabrication of newly-arrived students as mathematical learners article-journal 2018
Identity formations as mathematical learners in the context of… article-journal 2018
Immigrant students' opportunities to learn mathematics : In(ex)clusion… thesis 2018
Learning mathematics : hope and despair paper-conference 2016
Newly arrived students in mathematics classrooms in Sweden paper-conference 2015
Elever med utländsk bakgrund berättar : möjligheter att… thesis 2014
Immigrant students’ perceptions of their possibilities to learn… article-journal 2014