Eva Wennås Brante

  • Senior Lecturer
  • eva.wennas-brante@mau.se

Associate professor in educational sciences

LIT Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Eva Wennås Brante.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Digital activities in L1-teaching in years K-3 –… paper-conference 2022
Pre-service teachers’ conceptions of online learning in emergency… article-journal 2022
"Vad är det som gäller här?" : Förstaårsstudenters… chapter 2022
Åtta-åringar söker information med Ipads: dimensioner av läskompetens paper-conference 2022
Interacting with a screen - the deprivation of… article-journal 2022
Digitala aktiviteter som stöd för literacyutveckling article-journal 2021
"Internet? That's an app you can download" :… article-journal 2021
Sourcing on the internet : Examining the relations… article-journal 2021
Young L2-learners' meaning-making in engaging in computer-assisted language… article-journal 2021
”Jag brukar söka typ på Siri” : 7-åringars… paper-conference 2020
Profles of warm engagement and cold evaluation in multiple‑document comprehension article-journal 2020
Digitala textkompetenser och undervisning : En metatolkande syntes… paper-conference 2020
Citing as a sourcing practice : students’ citing… article-journal 2020
A framework of pre-service teachers' conceptions about digital… article-journal 2020
A multiple-case study on students’ sourcing activities in… article-journal 2019
How pre-service teachers define digital literacy : a… paper-conference 2019
Informationssökning och värdering av information chapter 2019
Lärarutbildningen och den digitala kompetensen chapter 2019
Students’ citing of online resources in their essays paper-conference 2019
Teaching sourcing in upper-secondary school : A comprehensive… paper-conference 2019
Teaching Sourcing in Upper-Secondary School : A Comprehensive… article-journal 2019
Direct and indirect effects of textual and individual… article-journal 2018
Reading from Multimedia Materials : Benefits of Non-congruent… article-journal 2017
Sourcing in Text Comprehension : a Review of… article-journal 2017
The Effect of Illustration on Improving Text Comprehension… article-journal 2017
Strategies when solving school-tasks : How task design… paper-conference 2016