Clas Olander

  • Professor

Professor in Science Education.

In terms of teaching, research and outreach cooperation, I work mainly with pupils’ meaning making processes, teacher’s collegial learning and students´ development of professional skills.

The focus is often on the relationship between language- and knowledge development, where research concerns literacy: discipline disciplinary literacy and general literacy. When it comes collaboration, it often include practice development with schools / teachers and in teacher education and PhD education, I teach and guide with focus on support and strategies for language development.

Have a teacher certificate in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics (grade 7-9) and biology chemistry, general science and environmental science (grade 10-12).

ORCID: 0000-0003-4463-2707

LIT Research Projects


These publications are authored or co-authored by Clas Olander.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
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Students´ Meaning Making of Words in Science paper-conference 2023
Teachers’ noticing to promote students’ mathematical dialogue in… article-journal 2023
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I am writing a research proposal, do you… chapter 2022
Meningsskapande av en representation av växthuseffekten paper-conference 2022
Students meaning-making of a representation of the greenhouse… paper-conference 2022
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Förmåga 3 – innebörd och progressioner book 2016
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