Anders Jakobsson

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Professor in Science Education

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These publications are authored or co-authored by Anders Jakobsson.
Publications are gathered from Malmö University publication service (DiVA).

Title Type Issued
Challenges and Possibilities in Multilingual Swedish Classrooms paper-conference 2021
Malmös skolor under en turbulent tid chapter 2020
Students' knowledge of emerging technology and sustainability through… article-journal 2020
Tema: Klassrumsstudier i ljuset av PISA book 2020
The continuity of learning in a translanguaging science… article-journal 2020
Elevers samtal om en PISA-uppgift : Naturvetenskap i… article-journal 2019
Klassrumsstudier i ljuset av kunskapstrender i PISA :… article-journal 2019
Meaning-Making in Science from the Perspective of Students’… article-journal 2019
Multilingual students' use of translanguaging in science classrooms article-journal 2019
Students’ ideas about technological systems interacting with human… article-journal 2019
Teachers’ reflections on science education from a language… paper-conference 2019
Teachers Understanding of Language and Literacy as a… paper-conference 2019
Vetenskapskommunikation och skolutveckling som en del av den… chapter 2019
Teachers’ Reflections on Science Instruction as a Language… paper-conference 2018
Development of scientific literacy : A multidisciplinary study… paper-conference 2017
Semantiska vågor : elevers diskursiva rörlighet i gruppsamtal article-journal 2017
Flerspråkighet som en resurs i NO-klassrummet article-journal 2016
Language Games and Meaning as Used in Student… article-journal 2016
Everyday classroom assessment practices in science classrooms in… article-journal 2014
“Why bother so incredibly much?” : student perspectives… article-journal 2014
Att undersöka kunskapstrender med hjälp av PISA :… article-journal 2013
Exploring Epistemological Trends in Students’ Understanding of Science… article-journal 2013
Storskaliga studier : kunskapsmätningar som paradox och möjlighet article-journal 2013
Using sociocultural frameworks to understand the significance of… chapter 2012
Understanding interactions at science centers and museums :… book 2012
Three models of explanations of Swedish students’ declining… chapter 2012
"Scientific trustworthiness: the considerations and perceptions of students… article-journal 2012
Sociokulturella perspektiv på lärande och utveckling : lärande… article-journal 2012
Introduction chapter 2012
Ett vidgat perspektiv på ämnesdidaktik article-journal 2012
Appropriering genom argumentation : kontroverser, mångtydighet och tillägnande… chapter 2012
Att förädla information till kunskap : lärande och… book 2011
Opportunities and difficulties for students’ engagement in PISA… paper-conference 2011
Opportunities and difficulties for Swedish students’ engaging in… paper-conference 2011
Simulated sustainable societies : students’ reflections on creating… article-journal 2011
Collaborative Learning as a Collective Competence when Students… article-journal 2009
Conceptions of knowledge in research on students' understanding… article-journal 2009
Learning to reason in the context of socioscientific… chapter 2009
Staff members’ ideas about visitors’ learning at science… article-journal 2009
Students' Ideas Regarding Science and Pseudo-science article-journal 2009
Gedankenschmieden : Ein Dialog zwischen Klassenzimmer und Schulforschung.… article-journal 2008
Barn ser på framtiden. En utvärdering hur projektet… report 2007
Children speculate about the future, An evaluation of… report 2007
Different Images of Science at Nordic Science Centres article-journal 2007
Rapporter från Tankesmedjan book 2007
Tankesmedjorna smider planer för framtiden report 2007
Students’ self-confidence and learning through dialogues in a… article-journal 2006
En fortsatt utvärdering av projektet Unga Spekulerar, delrapport… report 2003
En inledande rapport av projektet Unga Spekulerar report 2003
Five different "learning attitudes" towards science paper-conference 2003
Learning attitudes decisive to students' cognitive and knowledge… paper-conference 2003
Students' self-confidence and learning through dialogues in netbased… paper-conference 2003
Elevers interaktiva lärande vid problemlösning i grupp. En… thesis 2001